Newsletter - January 2015

A Very Happy New Year to all members. The weather has helped the holidaymakers, but not my garden. It is looking distinctly the worse for wear and water.

I was saddened to see another of our members has died, while we were away. Dora Connors, - Life Member – talented potter – supporter of the arts – and a thoroughly nice person, has left us. In the early days of the Society, she and her friend, Val Davis, were on hand to give any help needed at the Gallery, and cheerfully tackled any task. They produced some beautiful work, both domestic and decorative, and their glaze was legendary. Dora continued her support until she died, I, for one, will miss her wisdom and knowledge gained over her many years in the arts.. RIP Dora.

We welcome two people to the Society, who play totally different roles within it.
Firstly, Scott Simpson, who was asked to become our Patron. Thank you Scott, we are delighted you accepted the task. And one of the Gems of the Coromandel, Barry Brickell, who has accepted Honorary Membership to the Society, awarded by us for his work in Conservation,Tourisim, and last but not least, his Art/Craft input, not only on the Peninsula, but throughout New Zealand. Driving Creek is now Legendary.

You will have received an email from Peter, to say in order to create more interest in the Gallery, we are trying something new...up to 4 artists can set up in the Gallery and work at their art/craft on the first Saturday of every month. Please let us know if you would like to take part, and book a space.
Also, Congratulations to all who have sold their work over the early summer period.

The Wednesday painting group has some new lightweight tables, and will be painting as usual in the Edward Gallery. The old tables weighed a ton, so hope this makes things easier. Dennis is the “Father” of the group, so contact Dennis Raines if you wish to come along. Also, must thank Dennis once again for organising the Library Exhibitions, one of which is coming up on 4/7/15. He has done this task for longer than I care to remember.

Please remember to communicate with a committee member if you have any questions about anything connected to your Society. If something is not right, give us a chance to put it right, for you. We do try.

The TCDC is in the process of formulating an Arts Strategy on the Peninsula. Please pass on any ideas you may have on this to us, urgently please, as the Council has not given us much time.

We are still having members bringing work in without the correct hanging D rings etc. Please make sure the exhibition rules are adhered to. This makes it very much easier for our Gallery Committee, who are constantly hanging new work and changing work around to keep the Gallery appearance fresh. Jeanne-Marie Cantereau, Skotty Neilson and Paul Heffernan are the ones to talk to about these matters, if you have any concerns.

Once again we thank the volunteers, and their organisers, for the valued work they put into manning the Gallery. Without you, it would not function. We hope you also get some enjoyment out of it too. Needless to say we can never have too many volunteers so please give your time so that you can sell your art and enjoy the beautiful Gallery that we have.

Phillipa Christie,