Newsletter - February 2015

I hope you are all back in your various workspaces, and being in a creative frame of mind. We require lots of good work for the gallery, as the summer travellers are on the road in numbers, and buying !

The remarks in the visitors book make very rewarding reading. The Gallery has been praised for its standard of work by people from around New Zealand and the World. Have a read sometime when you are in the Gallery. This enthusiasm has also shown in our Donation Box count, which pleases our Treasurer (and committee) greatly. So well done, to all you exhibitors.

The Wednesday painting group is going very well, especially now they have their new lightweight tables, set up in the Edward Gallery. This makes Wed. mornings an interesting time, as the Pottery group is also working in the adjacent pottery studio.

The Team of Curators – For any questions, please communicate with these people:
Jeanne-Marie Cantereau (07) 868 7066,
Skotty Nielson (07)868 3134,
Paul Heffernan (07)868 8132
These are the people qualified to answer your query, or give you any information on work you wish to exhibit, or work that may be already there.

Volunteers,— I repeat, your input is invaluable. Members/Exhibitors please take on board, that if we run short on these people, the doors will have to close on some days. This means fewer sales days for you. And doesn't give a good “feel” to the public.

Half a day a month (3 hours/summer, less in winter) is not too big an ask? Some of you from out of town, could arrange to bring your work over to Thames and put in a Half day at that time.....Please think about it, we would be delighted to hear from you.

Our Secretary, the efficient Peter Feran, has compiled a list of dates for you. This will let you know what is going to happen during the year.

Also, please request a tutorial, say a Saturday, in any subject connected with the arts, and we will do our best to organise one with an experienced tutor. For instance, Painting, all mediums. Felt work. Ceramics. Printing, Collage, Copper work, to name just a few. Please contact the Secretary (07)8687066

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Phillipa Christie,