Newsletter - September 2014

Dear Fellow Members,

Sales wise, our winter hasn't been too bad. Visitor numbers are up at the Gallery, and some pretty positive comments made by both out-of-towners and locals, which is very pleasing, especially to those who work so hard to keep the Gallery looking interesting. Ringing the changes takes a lot of time and effort. On this note, what would we do without our fantastic volunteers? The Committee thanks you again for your time, putting up with the cold, and making the effort to welcome and talk to our visitors.

We have some long standing members, not so well at the moment. Patrick Green is in Thames Hospital after suffering a stroke at his home in Coromandel. A great watercolourist, his work being always vivid with pen work on some. We wish him well. Eunice Braithwaite is in Tararu Home, along with Kay Donnelly. I'm sure they would love to see some of our members who remember the work they have put into the Society. Both are Life members.

ARTbeat is being put together by your Committee. We have some great work promised to us. Keep the 21st of November free for the Grand Opening at 6p.m. at the Old North School Gallery.

Kathryn and Helen are working hard on the Fair preparations for the 7th. Dec. This is going to be one special “do”, so keep this in mind and tell your friends. Music, Arts of all kinds, Dance, and Food, The Stalls will be on the Green next to the Gallery, as will the entertainment.

Jeanne-Marie Cantereau gave a very successful Watercolour Tutorial, and it was fully subscribed. She has promised one for us in the future at the Gallery. Dates later.

Barby Barclay was asked if she would do a couple of days tuition in the pottery room, for some of our special needs people. She has arranged two mornings for this. Thanks Barby.

To lessen the burden on our Treasurer, we have set the bottom price limit of items for sale in the Gallery, to $10. So cards etc. will be sold as maybe 3 or 5 in a group for this price. Small pottery items for example, may be 2 for $15. We hope you will understand the need for this. Most of you have been very helpful, so thank you.

Please make sure all work is well presented for the Gallery. Coloured mounts on watercolours do not do them justice, and make the work rather old fashioned. Also remember that the bottom of the mount should be slightly deeper than the other three sides. Not much, but you would be surprised at the difference this makes to the balance of the work when framed and hung.

Colin has painted a chest in Michael Smither harmonic colours, which now stands behind the desk, brightening up this corner. Thanks Colin.

Debs MacDonald Brown is using the School of Mines as the venue for an exhibition with a 19th century feel, to go along with the Steampunk theme. Watch out for more news of this. There are also talks by some very interesting speakers. More next time on this. Debs brother will be doing a pottery workshop, so the Festival of the Arts this year promises some interesting treats.

Don't forget screens to rent for 1 month $20 off peak season and $20 per fortnight in summer. Potters may do the same. 3 narrow pillars in the main Gallery or one smaller square in the Edward Gallery. This all, if and when space is available, please contact the committee if you wish to make a reservation.

Don't forget pricing your work - add 1/3rd on to the price you want in your hand, and this equates to 25% commission off.

Work hard, (nothing's easy!)