Newsletter - March 2014

exhibition march 2014Greetings to all and welcome to the new members. This newsletter comes from the Secretaries desk as the famous “balcony” is undergoing structural repairs for winter (unless someone else can come up with a better excuse!)

Last Friday some 20 guests assembled at the Gallery to applaud the handing over of the funds to the Cancer Support Society (Waikato) which had been raised at the auction of members donated work, see photo below. One of the points of interest that I discovered is that the residential units that exist in most health districts where there is an oncology unit offer accommodation at a reasonable rate to travellers if there are rooms available. A really practical way to support the various Support Societies don’t you think?

We had also counted the votes to determine “The People’s Choice” from the summer exhibition with the main prize of $300 being provided by Twentymans Funeral Directors Ltd and for the top eight,
voting is as follows:

  • Ron Galloway for “Te Renga Wairau” 5 votes
  • Marie Middlebrook-Wells for “Catching a ride” 5 votes
  • Lyn Mountsey for fibre art “Joy of Summer” 6 votes
  • Barbara Von Seida for “Flowers” 7 votes
  • Heidi McCollough for “Tranquility” 8 votes
  • Jan McIvor for “Whitianga Wharf” 9 votes
  • Jeanne- Marie Cantereau “Too Hazy for the Fisherman” 10 votes
  • Jeanne- Marie Cantereau “Iceland Poppies” 11 votes

The winner, Jeanne- Marie Cantereau was happily presented with her award with thanks to the c256x512 cantereau3Sponsors and the TSA for the organisation and opportunity. A grand total of 157 votes were cast from 1200 visitors and Gin drew the voting slip completed by Helen Stuart as the “Lucky Dip” winner of the luxury hamper.

You have already received notice of the “Heritage Week Festival” Exhibition which we will run alongside the Summer Exhibition as the Heritage Festival is barely a week, it seems reasonable to leave our exhibition to the end of March. We will receive exhibits from next Sunday 9th through to the hanging day of Thursday13th mid-day latest. In order to continue the theme, there is an indoor market on the final Saturday of the Festival Saturday 22nd 10-4pm and some spaces are still available please contact me if you have some art or craft to sell and you want tablespace.

At this stage, the first workshop of 2014 conducted by Jeanne-Marie Cantereau was fully subscribed and conducted in the Music and Drama space and the wonderful co-operation given by them was truly appreciated as they are in rehearsal mode and worked around the workshop.

There is a “Drawing “ workshop 22nd -23rd March by Charlotte Giblin where places are still available. Following this is the Phillipa Christie and Colin Broadley workshop on monoprinting on the 10th May and in both cases please call the Gallery for details.

The Society has joined with “The Coromandel Artstour” over Easter and the following weekend and we will have a number of member artists setting up studios within the gallery so that visitors can see artists at work and purchase their work. We know that visitors come from all over NZ to “do” the tour and we want them to include our Gallery in their visit so that they can discover just how stunning it is and view work from our members who themselves come from quite a wide catchment. Don’t miss this event it is something new for us and hopefully will lead to Thames and Thames Coast setting up our own Arts Tour in the future.

We have reached the end of the financial year and the financial recovery is happening but this also means we are on the countdown to the AGM. No date has been set as yet but somewhere in the first week in May is likely.

There is sure to be another theme exhibition soon to be announced (no one on the committee has suggested one yet) as we cannot leave the Summer Exhibition up forever. We do expect members to change their exhibits after 4 months which means that the Summer Exhibition should come down mid-April. So any suggestions? …..”Winter Warmers?”......... “Going Cheap All under $150”?....... “All is Bright and Beautiful”? to give some winter cheer, ideas anyone?

Is the committee feeling weary? Yep ! But we do have some good laughs as when Helen Stuart said she had an antique urn from a great aunt that she could display at the Heritage Art show and someone piped up “good idea as long as the great aunt is not in the urn”.

Peter Feran