Newsletter - August 2014

Greetings to fellow Members and Art lovers.

Congratulations to the group of painters whose work was shown in the Thames Library recently. Another fine job from Dennis, who has reported that it was very well received, and sales made.

Underfoot Gallery – Colin reports that work has stalled in the meantime, weather being one of the main reasons. Work on this very interesting project will start again shortly. If you haven't walked the walk yet, I suggest you do so. My Granddaughter took her two girls along there during school Hols, and they told me “It was neat Nanny !” “Cool”. Great for the young ones to appreciate it.

ARTbeat Exhibition – All going well for this. Had good response from invited artists, now making a list for the opening night invites. We have adverts going into North and South magazine. They are doing a feature on the Coromandel. Adverts also going into NZ Art News. Local papers will also have information nearer the date. 21/11/14 till 7/12/14.

Debs McDonald Brown keeps in touch with committee re her work towards the Summer Festival. This appears to be well on track thanks to her hard hard work.

The Society offers to rent to our artists, one side of a screen in the main gallery, when available. (please check if and when) The costs are $20 per month winter – after Easter to before Labour weekend. Then $20 per 2 weeks, in the remaining summer period. Artists to hang work.

We remind all artists of the importance of presentation for their work, whether it be painting or one of our other great crafts. The gallery is looking very professional, and have had many comments to verify this.
We hope to keep the showing of your work to a high standard.

We badly NEED a workroom for our painters, for workshops, the Wednesday painting group, a Felting workshop, or a messy Collage workshop. We are short on space, so your Committee is working toward possibly getting a building for this, to be put out the back. It must be sympathetic to the existing building. If anyone has any ideas, please come to us. This is important....very.

By now you will have become aware of our new winter hours. 11 a.m. To 3 p.m. It cuts 2 hours off long cold winter days. Hope this works for all. We are aware of the invaluable work done by our team of volunteers. We really can't thank you enough for your time.

Chinese Whispers.---Please, if you have a complaint, tell your committee in writing. We do not like getting them 2nd, 3rd, or even 4th hand. We will look at every letter, and you will get feedback, probably from me. Better than telling others, let’s get it fixed for you if we can..

Workshops – We have some ideas for these and would welcome input. Jean Marie has a summer Watercolour one planned. Possibles are Collage, Acrylic Painting, Mono-Print and also maybe one on framing and presentation. Once again, feedback please.

We are all excited by the plans of Katherine and Helen for our Summer Fair ---hoping for a super day, beside the Gallery, with our great sea view. Auckland, eat your heart out. This is going to be quite special. More later...

Happy Art Everyone