Paul Heffernan

Paul Heffernan alias Mr Heff. sits in his studio on the water's edge in Tararu, Thames and hand makes the weird, wonderful and wacky characters that inhabit his ceramic worlds.

There is Horatio Pringledink who dreams of commanding a warship, the sea was in his blood, so too unfortunately were vast quantities of rum. Winslow Llewellyn-Jones loves his life alone at sea. Thaddeus Garfunkel Magee is a sort of sea going philosopher, whilst Bartholomew Pilkington Brown can make amazing things out of sticks and twigs and string. It's a world where sea monsters tussle with explorers. Where sailors ponder the meaning of life.

All Mr Heff's folk are wall mounted and form part of what he calls Wall Stories. Many folk find they fall in love with a particular character and keep adding to their own wall stories.

Kathy Heffernan, Paul's wife has the key job of glazing his work. She keeps telling him not to be so detailed because they become very difficult to glaze, but he just gets carried away with the birds, the breeze and the salt spray.

Paul was inspired and influenced by his friend the late John Green, artists James Christensen and Mordillo.

Paul & Kathy's work can also be seen at their studio just down the road from the Thames Art Society. Please phone before visiting.

Address: 110a Rennie Street, Thames 3500, New Zealand
Phone: 07 868 8155 or 022 63507